Have you ever wondered how you can provide a more comfortable and safer bathroom facility to your employees, business partners or guests?

Well, look no further – say hello to our custom-made oil and gas industry -specified- Offshore Deluxe Cabin Toilets!

These are ready-to-use complete bathroom facility that can suit any outdoor occasion.

These toilets come with insulated with fire-retardant wall panels, a tank capacity of 500 liters for water supply and a tank that can accommodate waste up to 1000 liters.

For convenience and comfort – it has a shower head, a safety handrail, shower curtain, ceramic hand wash basic with stainless steel tap and a mirror with a vanity cabinet for extra comfort. With a dimension of 1900mm x 1100mm, it offers you nothing but only the best comfort!

Offshore Deluxe Cabin Toilet – Interior

Additional comforts are also provided such as fluorescent light, ventilation system, hand soap, durable seat cover come with a flushing system and even a clothes hanger!

Offshore Deluxe Cabin Toilet – Interior
Offshore Deluxe Cabin Toilet – Interior

You can opt to add more hygiene accessories such as our alcohol-free hand sanitizer, hair and body shampoos, air sanitizer, tissue supplies and floor mats for extra safety.

We offer you a portable toilet and sanitation system, set-up to suit your event packaged with our desludging and cleaning services, water supply system and other ancillary items to accommodate your visitors and employees a temporary bathroom in public space.

Choose our Offshore Deluxe Toilets for a higher quality, ready-to-use bathroom facility providing you comfort and safety.

So get in touch with us as we can’t wait to share and show you our Offshore Deluxe Cabin Toilets ! You’ll be very surprised on how cost-effective portable toilets can offer you.

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